Creek and Lake Cleanups

Creek and Lake Cleanups Creek and Lake Cleanups Creek and Lake Cleanups

Beaver Watershed Alliance partners with other local organizations to host a number of litter cleanups throughout the Beaver Lake Watershed each year in the spring, summer, fall, and winter! These events are an opportunity for us to engage the public, develop community involvement in each of the sub-watersheds of the Beaver Lake Watershed, and to remove tons of litter from the environment. Last year alone, BWA our partners and volunteers removed over 30,000 pounds of trash from over 100 miles of river and lakeshore!

While trash is not the greatest concern when it comes to watershed pollution, cleanups allow us to connect with hundreds of local residents and help them become more aware of the pollution issues that critically affect our region. These events also help foster a sense of appreciation for our region’s waterways among watershed residents and beneficiaries alike. Many of the people that volunteer at cleanup events return as volunteers for our other environmental improvement programs because they already have a vested interest in maintaining the quality of place in which they live. Cleanups are held throughout the year on Beaver Lake and in all major tributaries of its watershed.

The War Eagle Creek Cleanup headquartered at War Eagle Mill and the Middle Fork and East Fork Cleanups headquartered at Bunch Park in Elkins are held each spring beginning in February and running through April. These events are coordinated effort between BWA, Arkansas State Parks, Arkansas Stream Team, and Huntsville EAST program. By boat or on land, groups of volunteers are sent out along these rivers to pick up trash and other items before returning to their headquarters for a meal and activities.

The West Fork of the White River Cleanup is held each year in May. The event started in 2006, is now 10 years old, and has removed over 20,000 pounds of trash from the watershed! This a coordinated effort between the Beaver Watershed Alliance and partners including Beaver Water District, Watershed Conservation Resource Center, Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, Ozarks Water Watch, Washington County Environmental Affairs, Boston Mountain Solid Waste District, Washington County Cooperative Extension service.

The Lakes Appreciation Month Cleanup takes place each July and is host to many lake appreciation activities. The cleanup is held at Hobbs State Park and includes cleanup efforts on trails, lake shore, and on the lake by volunteers in boats. As one of the largest lakes in Arkansas, and our drinking water source in Northwest Arkansas, Beaver Lake is certainly worthy of our appreciation and protection!

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