Free Ozark Native Tree & Shrub Program

Native Ozark Trees & Shrubs

BWA will be providing a wide variety of free Ozark native trees and shrubs for landowners that are interested in using these plants to restore or enhance their streamside (riparian area) vegetation or reforest their property.

Strengthening the riparian buffer of your stream can prevent erosion - sediment is the largest contributor to impaired streams in the Beaver Lake watershed. Healthy, vegetated riparian buffers can also improve wildlife habitat, and improve water quality! Reforesting the watershed improves its function to slow down rainfall and absorb runoff and nutrients.

There are 30 native, bare-root seedlings that are available as part of the program. Orders must be submitted by December 1st and plants will be made available at our Streamside Landowner Workshop in March of the following year. This program has been a success since its start in 2013, with over 20,000 seedlings given to landowners throughout the watershed. Thanks to our partners and sponsors, trees and shrubs are provided to Beaver Lake watershed residents at no cost.

Contact us at 479-750-8007 or to setup a free site visit with a BWA Program Coordinator. They can assist you with your property challenges and goals and help place your order for free native trees and shrubs.