Lakes Appreciation Month


Governor Asa Hutchinson has proclaimed July as Lakes Appreciation Month in Arkansas. With over a half-million acres of reservoirs in Arkansas, summer is a great time to encourage all Arkansans to appreciate the lakes of our Natural State by participating in recreational activities such as swimming and boating, taking care of lakes, and enjoying the scenic beauty and benefits provided by them - including drinking water for much of the state.

In addition to Lakes Appreciation Month being a time to appreciate lakes, it is a time to think about where we would be without their water, and the threats facing lakes and reservoirs. These threats include population growth, development, and invasive plant and animal species that put stress on waterbodies. The importance of protecting these lakes and reservoirs for future generations is critical to our quality of life, communities, wildlife, and potential for future growth and economic development.

Lakes Appreciation Month is a signature program of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) whose mission is to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs for today and tomorrow. Specific goals of the society are to promote public awareness of lake ecosystems, encourage public support for national, state, and local programs promoting management of lakes and their watershed, and facilitate the exchange of information on the technical and administrative aspects of managing lakes and their watersheds. According to Brad Hufhines of Beaver Water District, NALMS board member, "Water can no longer be taken for granted, and we cannot expect that our water resources will always be here and be usable unless we take care of them." To learn more about the national Lakes Appreciation program, visit, and to learn more about the events taking place to appreciate Beaver Lake and its watershed this month, visit our website calendar here.

To find out more about how you can appreciate Beaver Lake and help keep it clean by reducing pollution around your home and in your community, as well as reducing your trash footprint, check out the following educational fact sheets:

Governor Asa Hutchinson has proclaimed July as Lakes Appreciation Month in Arkansas.

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