The Beaver Watershed Alliance (BWA) is committed to monitoring water quality and social indicators within the Beaver Watershed to measure resulting impacts and effectiveness of our education and conservation program efforts. Monitoring allows BWA to adaptively manage our efforts in order to achieve the best results possible when it comes to engaging the public and applying best management practices.

To learn more about water quality monitoring, water quality within the watershed, or historic water quality data within the Beaver Watershed, check out our info sheets and web links below.

Water Quality Monitoring Reports

Town Branch Cleanup Report

The complete results from the 2014 Town Branch Cleanup volunteer survey and waste audit as well as findings from other cleanups and studies Download PDF

2017 Summary of Streambank Erosion Monitoring

Download PDF

Social Indicator Monitoring

Beaver Watershed Stakeholder Opinion Survey (2013) Download PDF

Beaver Watershed Stakeholder Opinion Survey (2017) Download PDF

Evaluating the Assessment Methodology for the Cholophyll-A and Secchi Transparency Criteria at Beaver Lake, Arkansas

In order to provide scientific input into the assessment methodology and resulting measurement approach of a numeric criteria established for Beaver Lake at Hickory Creek, Beaver Watershed Alliance commissioned the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and Arkansas Water Resources Center to review existing data and make recommendations for consideration in the assessment approach.

Assessment Methodology Final Report Download PDF

Water Quality Monitoring Links

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Integrated Water Quality Assessment Report

Arkansas Integrated Water Quality Monitoring Assessment Report for Clean Water Act sections 305(b) and 303(d): These reports describe the status of Arkansas waters based on historical data on surface water quality and identifies Arkansas waters that are impaired.

Arkansas Water Resource Center (AWRC)

The mission of AWRC is to conduct water quality testing, train future scientists, and transfer water quality information to the public of Arkansas. The AWRC website hosts historic water quality reports and has information relating to water quality monitoring programs.

Beaver Water District (BWD)

Beaver LakeSmart is a program funded by BWD through which volunteer groups form teams and claim a stream location or lake sampling site within the Beaver Watershed to monitor several aspects of water quality throughout the year.

United States Geological Survey

A complete listing of USGS water quality monitoring studies including many that relate to the Boston Mountains and Springfield Plateau.

Lower Mississippi Gulf Publications