Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry

Forested land in the Beaver Lake Watershed currently accounts for 71% of the land cover, but is anticipated to decline by 10% over the next 35 years as it is replaced by urban areas to accommodate the region’s growing population. This can lead to increased stormwater runoff and erosion, more sediment deposition in our rivers and lakes, and can lead to loss of habitat for wildlife.

To help address these issues, BWA was recently awarded an Urban & Community Forestry Assistance Grant made possible by the Arkansas Forestry Commission’s Urban Forestry Program and the U. S. Forest Service to foster stewardship of Northwest Arkansas’ urban forests and to enhance the character, economic viability, and environmental resilience of the region’s forested communities. Working with communities and landowners now to promote benefits of forestry will assist thoughtful growth and retention of forested land in the future. Healthy forests not only benefit long term water quality of surface water drinking supplies, but also increase health and economic vitality of communities and provide habitat for wildlife as well as many other ecosystem services.

Through this grant, BWA will provide information to landowners about the benefits offered by healthy forests and management considerations involved with achieving their goals. BWA is also working with several municipalities in the Beaver Lake Watershed to gain Tree City USA status. Tree City USA is a great program for any community to participate in because cities with Tree City status are more likely to receive funding for other projects that support thoughtful land use planning, low impact development, management of forested land, and community beautification.

To find out more contact us at Info@beaverwatershedalliance.org or 479-750-8007.

Download Tree City USA Informational Sheet