Map Key

Conservation Actions Implemented

  • Rain Garden
  • Renovated Pastures
  • Reforestation
  • Riparian Buffer Enhancement
  • Invasive Plant Removal
  • No Mow Zone
  • Riparian Establishment
  • Stream Restoration:
  • Completed
  • In Progress

Areas of Community Input

Click on the stars below in this key to learn more about the general input from a particular community.
Click the stars located on the map to see community specific input.

  • Fayetteville
  • Greenland
  • West Fork
  • Brentwood
  • Winslow
  • Participating Landowners*
  • West Fork Watershed
  • West Fork River
  • * Landowners who are interested in imporving the watershed through action on their land.

Created by the Watershed Conservation Resource Center for Beaver Watershed Alliance; May 2014.