Utilizing Water Treatment Residuals to Reduce Phosphorus Runoff from Biosolids

Arkansas Water Resources Center Project Begin Location
Beaver Lake Watershed: 11010001
Headwaters - White River: 1101000101
Middle Fork - White River: 1101000102
Lake Sequoyah - White River: 1101000103
West Fork - White River: 1101000104
Richland Creek: 1101000105
War Eagle Creek: 1101000106
Beaver Lake - White River: 1101000107
2007 Benton and Washington counties

Project Synopsis

This project aimed to demonstrate the benefits of using residuals from water treatment to precipitate phosphorus from biosolids. An environmentally friendly fertilizer will be created from the mix of biosolids and treatment residuals, which have both been more traditionally dealt with by moving to landfills. The project partners include the University of Arkansas, USDA/ARS, Arkansas National Resource Commission, Beaver Water District, and the City of Rogers. This project was completed in 2010.

Project Website

Funding Source

Clean Water Act Section 319 funding