Watershed Symposium

The Beaver Lake Watershed Annual Symposium will be a morning online event held on Thursday, September 24, 2020. This year’s Annual Symposium will feature both landscape-scale conservation topics as well as agricultural best management practices for source water protection. Presentations will include state-level updates on the Arkansas State Nutrient Reduction Strategy, and the 2018 Farm Bill Section 1244(n): Source Water Protection Through Targeting of Agricultural Practices.

Local-level topics will focus on the Alliance Pond Optimization Project with Baylor University and water quality studies conducted in the West Fork watershed with the University of Arkansas Water Resources Center, including a virtual tour in the headwaters of Rock Creek. Presentations by the U of A Discovery Farms Program will expand on best management practice impacts and the development of a Discovery Watershed Program.

Beaver Lake and its tributaries are interconnected with the regional landscape of Northwest Arkansas. Landowners, universities, scientist, government agencies, utilities, conservation organizations and water quality groups are working in collaboration to achieve conservation objectives. This Annual Symposium aims to bring educational awareness on technical topics, highlight the efforts and results achieved in the Beaver Lake watershed and open a dialogue for stakeholders.

For questions, please email info@beaverwatershedalliance.org, or call 479-750-8007 for more information.

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