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Measure your watershed impact, develop target outcomes for watershed success, and more.


The Metrics for Watershed Success Framework includes a Final Report from studies, research, and stakeholder engagement conducted in 2021, and a User Guide, developed in partnership with the Beaver Watershed Alliance, Arkansas Water Resources Center, and Edgewater Coaching and Consulting.

This practical tool is designed to assess leadership in watershed success. The framework developed through this project enables users to identify where they fall in a spectrum of leadership across multiple drivers and outcomes. This type of tool can be used by organizations who advocate for watersheds, as well as by entities who seek to understand how well a watershed is being managed so that they can make informed decisions. Watershed metrics are complex and often not in a format that can be easily and practically used by watershed advocacy groups. This framework organizes complex watershed science into a practical framework that can be used to assess how successfully a watershed is being sustained by the community of partners responsible for its care.

A special thanks to the stakeholders that engaged and participated throughout the development process. Community members represented perspectives from the water utilities, watershed nonprofits, conservation organizations, local government, state government, design and engineering fields, development, business, agriculture, academia, and the general public. Funding provided for the development of this tool was provided through a generous grant from the Walton Family Foundation.

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