Education and Awareness

A major component of the Beaver Watershed Alliance effort (BWA) is to provide outreach and education programming necessary to provide residents of Northwest Arkansas with the tools necessary to help protect Beaver Lake. Increasing population growth and development are likely going to occur at a rapid pace over the next few decades, and how we meet these new opportunities and associated demands will have an impact on our drinking water supply. Sediment and phosphorus are currently the two pollutants of highest concern with regard to the quality and cost of our drinking water. Additionally, recreation opportunities at Beaver Lake are also dependent upon the prevention of excessive phosphorus and sediment load delivery into the lake. However, there are many different pollutants and pollution sources within the Beaver Watershed and ALL of them are important and should be managed to prevent pollution to our drinking water source.

To learn more about the Beaver Watershed, the issues that have the potential to impact the water quality of Beaver Lake, and best management practices that you can use to help protect water quality, check out our info sheets and web links below.

Beaver Watershed Education Materials

Riparian Planting Guide of the Ozarks

A resource for landowners who want to establish or enhance native plants in riparian areas.Download PDF

Landscaping for Water Quality

Download PDF

Natural Infrastructure Design - Rain Garden Fact Sheet

Download PDF

Natural Infrastructure Design - Ozark Native Plant Fact Sheet

Download PDF

Stormwater Requirements - Ten Ways to Comply and Avoid Fines

Download PDF

The Off-Road Code - On Trails, Off Streams

Download PDF

10 Ways to Reduce your Trash Footprint

Download PDF


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Arkansas Watershed Steward Handbook

Download PDF

Beaver Watershed Pollution Prevention Tips Fact Sheet

Download PDF

Handbook of Best Management Practices for the Upper Illinois River Watershed and Other Regional Watersheds

A guide to BMPs for cities, industry, homeowners, agriculture, and forestry. Download PDF

Invasive Alien Plants of Northwest Arkansas

Download PDF

Riparian Area Assessment Guide for Streamside Landowners

A resource for landowners to conduct a self-assessment of streamside property. Download PDF

Washington County Cooperative Extension Water Quality Podcasts

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Water Quality Outreach and Education Strategies for Northwest Arkansas and Regional Watersheds

A resource for learning how to reach diverse stakeholders with water quality education. Download PDF

Wildscaping with Ozark Native Plants

Download PDF

Improving Home Water Quality

Download PDF

Education Page Links

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality – Public Outreach and Assistance Division

The Public Outreach and Assistance Division assists citizens, businesses, government entities, students and teachers and news media, and can offer educational materials, speakers and presentations.

Arkansas Natural Resources Commission

Arkansas Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Plan: The most comprehensive literature about non-point source pollution in Arkansas and the plan containing milestones and objectives regarding nonpoint source pollution reduction.

Arkansas Water Resources Center

The AWRC facilities water quality research to address current water quality issues, helps develop new water quality scientists, and distributes water quality information to governments, communities, and individuals.

Beaver Water District

Website contains information relating to Beaver Lake and water quality outreach and education projects taking place in our region in addition to other resources.

Environmental Protection Agency

Urbanization and Streams: Studies of hydrologic modifications and impacts.

United States Geological Survey

Water Science for Schools: This website contains Information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.

University of Arkansas Center for Advanced Spatial Technology

Arkansas Watershed Information System: A comprehensive statewide electronic watershed atlas consisting of a series of practical maps and reports for the 308 watershed units across the state.

University of Arkansas Community Design Center

A website with local and national low impact development resources.

University of Arkansas - Division of Agriculture - Cooperative Extension Service

Arkansas Water Sustainability: A website of the University of Arkansas - Division of Agriculture that features water conservation related information.

University of Arkansas - Division of Agriculture – Public Policy Center

The Public Policy Center exists to provide Arkansans with timely, credible, unbiased and research-based information and education about public issues. Public issues are defined as pressing and emerging issues that involve multiple points of view and have widespread consequences.

Water Environment Federation

Public Information Page: Fact sheets, videos, and links for the general public, students, teachers, and water quality professionals.