Partner Programs

Beaver Lake Smart

Partner Programs Partner Programs Partner Programs

Beaver Lake Smart is a citizen science monitoring program funded by Beaver Water District and coordinated by Ozarks Water Watch. The program was started in August 2012 as a way to engage citizen volunteers in water quality science. Groups of volunteers adopt stream and lake sites, which are visited quarterly to measure components such as temperature, discharge, and the presence of macroinvertebrates. The Alliance helps to promote the program and has adopted a site on the lake as well as a stream site along Brush Creek. Community groups have accompanied us for our past monitoring, which proved to be a fun and educational experience for many individuals outside of the science and technical field.

Stream Restoration Maintenance

Watershed Conservation Resource Watershed Conservation Resource Watershed Conservation Resource

The Beaver Watershed Alliance works with the Watershed Conservation Resource Center to monitor and maintain stream restoration sites on the White River and the West Fork of the White River. The Alliance provides assistance with volunteer recruitment for maintenance projects as well as quarterly monitoring of the restoration sites that are carried out by WCRC.

NWA Rain Garden Project

NWA Rain Garden Project NWA Rain Garden Project NWA Rain Garden Project

The NWA Rain Garden Project is a cooperative effort between Beaver Water District and the Beaver Watershed Alliance to engage individuals and communities to learn more about rain gardens as a best management practice for managing stormwater runoff that is generated from increased development of impervious surfaces. The Alliance provides financial support and technical assistance in securing locations for rain garden installations, as well as assisting with rain garden planting and maintenance. To date, the Alliance has assisted landowners, public organizations, and businesses with installation of 46 rain gardens in the Beaver Lake Watershed.