Source Water Protection

Speaker Series - Investing in Water Source Protection: It’s good for business, agriculture, communities, nature, recreation, and you

Beaver Watershed Alliance hosts a quarterly speaker series entitled “Investing in Water Source Protection: It’s good for business, agriculture, communities, nature, recreation, and you.” Since Beaver Lake supplies 1 in 7 in Arkansas or nearly a half million people with clean drinking water, provides over forty million tourism and recreation dollars for the local economy, and is the key factor to a successful future in the region, BWA wanted to start a speaker series that focuses on the rationale behind investing in watershed protection activities today that can benefit our entire region tomorrow. Presentation topics from experts in their field vary from nutrient trading to source water protection programs to scientific investigation.

Folks from Harrison, Arkansas to Westville, Oklahoma benefit from good water quality in Beaver Lake and its watershed. As long as the water quality in the lake is high, Northwest Arkansas will continue to prosper with ongoing community development and economic growth. Join BWA at one of our upcoming events to learn more about how we can achieve this prosperity.

For more information about the Speaker Series and upcoming events, email or call 479-750-8007.

Source Water Protection Source Water Protection

Source Water Awareness Signage

The Source Water Awareness Signage project was initiated by the Beaver Watershed Alliance Awareness and Education Committee. The committee's goal for this project is to educate patrons of Beaver Lake, and its tributaries, about the active role they can play in keeping the drinking water source for Northwest Arkansas clean. Many people don't believe that there is anything they can do to maintain the water quality of the lake and its watershed, however our hope is that their mindset will change when they come across these signs encouraging them to "Help Keep it Clean!". Over 60 signs have been placed, at access locations to Beaver Lake such as boat launch ramps and marinas, as well as at access points to tributaries of the lake. What happens in the tributaries also affects the lake, and we want people to know that, even as individuals, they can make a difference in the quality of our region's water. This project was made possible thanks to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Beaver Lake office and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.