War Eagle Creek Riparian Management Education & Demonstration Project

Riparian Planting Riparian Planting

The Beaver Watershed Alliance was awarded a two-year grant to follow the recommendations outlined in portions of the Beaver Lake Watershed Protection Strategy and the Arkansas Nonpoint Pollution Plan to: foster watershed ownership, and incite voluntary urban, rural, and municipal stewardship actions among the residents of the War Eagle Watershed. The project started in October 2014, and over 150 landowners are participating in the War Eagle Creek Watershed to date.

In the War Eagle Creek Watershed, BWA has carried out these activities:

  • Mailed bimonthly newsletters to over 1,700 streamside landowners
  • Conducted 5 community outreach and project introduction programs
  • Held 12 informational meetings
  • Hosted a Watershed Lunch ‘N Learn series during Fall 2015 in Huntsville
  • Hosted a two workshops on streamside management and one workshop on forest management
  • Worked with 4-H and other local groups on various projects
  • Facilitated adoption of 50 applicable BMPs in Huntsville
  • Installed 6 new rain gardens in and around Huntsville
  • Conducted 5 stream cleanups

The Beaver Watershed Alliance is currently working with various landowners throughout the watershed to plant trees in riparian areas. Additionally, BWA is assisting students from the Huntsville High School EAST Program conduct a water quality monitoring project on Town Branch and Holman Creek. Over the two-year funding period, BWA will host several educational workshops, creek cleanups, and BMP demonstrations. For questions or more information about this project, please contact info@beaverwatershedalliance.org or call (479) 750-8007.