West Fork Watershed Opportunity Assessment

The West Fork Opportunity Assessment was a program held in partnership with the Watershed Conservation Resource Center and the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust from September 2013 to October 2014. The West Fork of the White River is listed as impaired by the ADEQ, and one of the goals of our organization is to remove this stream from the Impaired Waterbodies list by encouraging the use of voluntary Best Management Practices (BMPs). BMPs can include anything from conducting stream restoration or putting land in conservation, to using Low Impact Development practices for stormwater management. One of the outcomes of this project is a map showing priority areas for the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and where these areas intersect with willing landowners who will provide opportunities to put these practices in place.

These maps will be used by BWA, as well as other organizations, and are be made available for use by city and county officials. Click the link to the right to see the maps yourself! The map was created by updating data from the 2004 ADEQ and 2006 FNHA assessments with new data collected through contact with landowners as well as city and county officials. These contacts were made through mailouts and outreach meetings throughout the West Fork Watershed, which is a subwatershed of the Beaver Lake Watershed. Site visits were also be conducted with willing landowners who wanted to know more about what they can do to improve water quality. Community input is integral to this assessment, and this program offered local community members an opportunity to provide feedback, ask questions, and express concerns. For questions or more information about the program please contact info@beaverwatershedalliance.org or call (479) 750-8007.