Developing Resource Management Systems for Golf Courses in Washington County, Arkansas: Phase I

This project aimed to reduce the amount of non-point source pollution from runoff of golf courses. The Washington County Conservation District conducted an inventory of golf courses and their design to come up with Best Management Practices tailored to each course. These BMPs included integrated pest management, irrigation management, maintenance area management, and storm water management. Preventative action was used as a model to educate golf course development personnel regarding BMPs. The District successfully determined the risk of runoff pollution from golf courses and created Nutrient Management Plans for each course and driving range, however none of the golf courses chose to implement the recommendations. Project partners include the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, Cooperative Extension Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. The project was completed in 2006.


Project Start



Thirteen golf courses and five driving ranges in Washington County, AR

Funding Source

Clean Water Act Section 319 funding