Development of a Decision Support System and Data Needs for the Beaver Lake Watershed

University of Arkansas Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Project Begin Location
Beaver Lake Watershed: 11010001
Headwaters - White River: 1101000101
Middle Fork - White River: 1101000102
Lake Sequoyah - White River: 1101000103
West Fork - White River: 1101000104
Richland Creek: 1101000105
War Eagle Creek: 1101000106
Beaver Lake - White River: 1101000107
2002 Beaver Lake Watershed

Project Synopsis

This project aimed to raise the quality of water in the watershed by developing a method to create watershed management strategies through the integration of land-use models. The purpose of the model is to utilize data collected from monitoring to ascertain seasonal water quality criteria for Beaver Lake. This decision support system (DSS) developed was equipped to evaluate the impact on the watershed for a limited base of land management plans. This goal is for this to aid in the identification in current gaps in information that are needed to develop a watershed management plan. The project was completed in 2005.

Project Website

Funding Source

Clean Water Act Section 319 funding