West Fork of the White River Watershed Data Inventory and Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Project Begin Location
Beaver Lake Watershed: 11010001
Headwaters - White River: 1101000101
Middle Fork - White River: 1101000102
Lake Sequoyah - White River: 1101000103
West Fork - White River: 1101000104
Richland Creek: 1101000105
War Eagle Creek: 1101000106
Beaver Lake - White River: 1101000107
2004 West Fork – White River

Project Synopsis

This project was a watershed-based assessment conducted to evaluate the conditions that have the potential to impact water resources of the West Fork of the White River (WFWR). The following activities were conducted: 1) existing water quality and flow data were reviewed, summarized, and evaluated; 2) natural characteristics and land uses of the watershed were evaluated and summarized; 3) land use changes, stream geomorphology, and channel pattern changes were evaluated; 4) using GIS data, existing data, published coefficients, and field data collected during project, potential sources were estimated and BMPs were recommended to reduce sources of contamination. This study provides the information, data, and assessment needed for local watershed planning by a WFWR stakeholder group. The results of this study can be used to prioritize critical areas, secure funding for BMP implementation and restoration, and develop long-range strategies for pollution prevention and environmental protection for the WFWR watershed.

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Funding Source

Clean Water Act Section 319 funding